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Jul 27, 2015

How To Open a Coconut Easily at Home

Watch this video now to find out how to open a coconut without tools. It's easy to get the water, milk, or cream inside if you have a hammer or oven...

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Nov 09, 2013

Newborn Constipation | Baby Symptoms and Treatment

Newborn constipation in an infant, toddler or child can be severe. There are natural ways to help treat and relieve symptoms including food, massage..

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May 04, 2013

Ductal Thrush Treatment | Breast Yeast Infection | Breastfeeding Problems

Ductal thrush treatment options for painful breastfeeding symptoms for candidiasis in milk ducts include grapefruit seed extract, raw apple cider vinegar...

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Apr 13, 2013

What are Probiotics | Do Probiotics Work

What are probiotics: Beneficial bacteria your body needs to fight off harmful bacteria. Use probiotics for infants to stop diarrhea. The best include homemade yogurt...

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Mar 31, 2013

Candida Spit Test | Candida Saliva Test

Use the Candida spit test to determine your progress on the Candida Diet. For thrush saliva test accuracy, do a test in the morning..

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Feb 24, 2013

Candida Diet Cleanse

Use the Candida Diet plan to find relief from yeast infections and food allergies. Choose from a variety of snacks, breakfast, dinner options..

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Feb 23, 2013

Signs of a Yeast Infection in Women, Men and Children

Signs of a yeast infection include itching, burning, and white clumpy discharge. It can happen during pregnancy, stress, antibiotics...

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Feb 10, 2013

Curing Candida With Baking Soda | Sodium Bicorbonate

Curing Candida with baking soda in a few steps is acheivable. First start by drinking ...

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Sep 07, 2012

Epsom Salt Yeast Infections | Benefits and Uses

Epsom Salt Yeast Infections cleaning can be used as a laxative to rid the body of toxins. Learn more about how it cures.

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Aug 30, 2012

How to Make Yogurt Easily at Home

Tips on how to make yogurt at home in just a few easy steps. No culture or yogurt maker needed.

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Aug 18, 2012

Prebiotics | Foods and Supplements

Prebiotics help grow our healthy probiotic bacteria. Jerusalem artichoke and chicory root have the highest content. Other sources are..

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Aug 02, 2012

Coconut Recipes | Coconut Smoothie

Free coconut recipes: coconut flour, coconut water, coconut chicken. Use for coconut oil diet or anti Candida diet. Coconuts have antifungal agents...

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Jul 24, 2012

Yeast Infection Treatment with Natural Remedies

Yeast infection treatment is easier if you know what natural treatments to buy. These products have been used for centuries to cure not only Candida thrush but infections of all kinds. Start with...

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Jul 23, 2012

Lactose Intolerance Information | Treatment | Infants

A special diet can help lactose intolerance symptoms in adults and babies like bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, cramps, gas, wind, reflux, belching, breathing problems, acid reflux...

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Jul 17, 2012

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms and Signs

Ulcerative colitis symptoms mimic Crohn's with diarrhea, bloody stool, fatigue, abdominal pain or cramping after eating or at night time, recurrent periods of illness, fever, malaise, mucus in stool

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Jul 10, 2012

Acidopholus Benefits and Side Effects

Acidopholus can help after a sore throat, ear infection, acne skin breakout, during pregnancy, or other ailment if a patient took antibiotics. Antibiotics are given on a regular basis in hospitals...

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Jul 08, 2012

Stevia Sweetener and Stevia Recipes

Stevia sweetener is a natural sugar alternative. The sweetleaf starts off as a plant. Stevia's health benefits are non-toxic, zero calorie sweetener, good for diabetes.

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Jul 08, 2012

Candida Pictures of Thrush

See Candida pictures of thrush for oral, mouth, skin, fungal nail, female, baby, microscopic, and ...

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Jul 07, 2012

Vaginal Yeast Infection and Candida Thrush

A vaginal yeast infection is diagnosed by a pelvic exam. Vaginal Candida causes itching, swelling in the vagina and can be confused with bacterial vaginitis.

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Jul 06, 2012

Ulcerative Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Ulcerative colitis, distal colitis, pancolitis, or proctitis involve inflammation of the colon and rectum (IBD). Symptoms mimic Crohn's disease like pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, ulcers, and...

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Jul 06, 2012

Crohns Disease Life Expectancy | Symptoms | Diet

Crohns disease (not chrones disease) is a chronic illness marked by bowel obstruction, bloody diarrhea, cramps, abdominal pain, stomach pain, ulcers...

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Jun 30, 2012

What Is Candida

Asking yourself what is Candida? C. albicans is a member of the yeast fungus family and thrives in an enviromment where the immune system is compromised. Candidadiet for infections are popular.

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Jun 29, 2012

Chronic Yeast Infection | Systemic Yeast Infection

A chronic yeast infection and recurring yeast infections are more difficult to treat than a one time infection. Women and the weak are vulnerable to chronic Candida and systemic Candida. The most effe

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Jun 23, 2012

Thrush Treatment | Causes | Sore Nipples

The only way to use thrush treatment to help baby's oral thrush and stop breast pain is to cure Candida albicans..

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Jun 05, 2012

Recurring Yeast Infections | Children | Pregnancy

Recurring yeast infections in a male, toddlers, or woman could mean diabetes or other illness. Causes vary from birth control to high sugar diets.

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May 31, 2012

CandidaCounsel Search

Search for certain information on this website.

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May 13, 2012

Zico Coconut Water | Beverages and Review

Zico coconut water drink has benefits of hydration after long work outs. If you want to know where to buy and if it helps with weight loss see this page. Select grocers carry the zero fat 100% natural

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Feb 04, 2012

Candex Side Effects and Reviews

Candex breaks down the fiber wall of Candida albicans and causes fungus to die. There are positives and negatives to the product. People who used it said they had symptoms such as gas...

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Feb 04, 2012

Yeast Infection Causes | What Causes Thrush

Yeast infection causes are different for a male, female, or baby. Symptoms: itching, burning skin, or a white mouth but there's treatment. Causes of Candida are antibiotics, diabetes, birth control...

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Feb 04, 2012

Preventing Yeast Infections | Antibiotics and Causes

Preventing yeast infections naturally requires knowing how to prevent yeast overgrowth. Top ways to prevent infections while on birth control, during pregnancy, during illness are done through diet..

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Feb 04, 2012

Vaginal Odor and Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginal odor or fishy smell coming from the vagina can be symptoms of yeast vaginitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomonas. The best treatment for greyish white vaginal discharge, itching, burning...

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Feb 02, 2012

Anti Candida Diet | Candida Diet | Candida Diet Recipes

The best sugar free diet is the anti candida diet. Sometimes called the yeast infection diet, is a low carb diet for candida cleansing with yeast free recipes that avoid foods that cause yeast...

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Jan 31, 2012

Coconut Oil For Cooking | Healthy Recipes

The best coconut oil for cooking and baking food is virgin organically grown coconut oil. Instead of vegetable oil buy coconut oil.

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Jan 31, 2012

Thrush In Babies | Cure For Thrush

Oral thrush in babies or toddlers can happen. It's a yeast infection of the mouth with white patches inside the cheek or on the tongue. Looks similar to cottage cheese curds..

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Jan 28, 2012

Male Yeast Infection and Candida Balanitis

A male yeast infection is inflammation of the glans penis or jock itch. Over the counter medications may termporarily help but the best Candida cure for yeast overgrowth

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Jan 28, 2012

Male Yeast Infection Treatment and Jock Itch

Male yeast infection treatment can be difficult to find. Some men will use Monistat cream which is designed for a female. The best way to eliminate a fungus problem is with the anti Candida diet...

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Jan 28, 2012

Yeast Infection Symptoms and Candidas Cures

Yeast infection symptoms differ from urinary tract infections. Women have vaginal itching, discharge, and vaginal burning. Men have penile burning and red rashes.

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Jan 28, 2012

Vaginal Itching and Female Yeast Infection

Find out why vaginal itching and vaginal irritation is an almost sure sign of a female yeast infection or what's known as Candida albicans.

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Jan 28, 2012

Yeast Infection Test

There are several relatively quick yeast infection test you can choose from. The list includes a vaginal culture for women...

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Jan 28, 2012

Colitis Diet | Specific Carbohydrate Diet | Crohn's

Colitis diet for ulcerative colitis treatment and cure is similar to a crohn's diet that controls inflammation, bloody diarrhea, and bowel disorders.

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Jan 25, 2012

Cutaneous Candidiasis | Skin Yeast Infection

Cutaneous candidiasis much like paronychia, is a skin infection. Symptoms include red colored marks on the skin and inflammation. The best treatment for a fungal skin infection are yeast...

Continue reading "Cutaneous Candidiasis | Skin Yeast Infection"

Jan 25, 2012

Baby Yeast Infection | Baby Rash | Thrush Mouth

Learn the top 3 baby yeast infection symptoms and treatments for oral thrush, breastfeeding issues, yeast diaper rash

Continue reading "Baby Yeast Infection | Baby Rash | Thrush Mouth"

Oct 13, 2011

Nutiva Coconut Oil Review | Recipes | Where To Buy Coconut Oil

Nutiva Coconut Oil is sold as organic extra-virgin coconut oil. They specialize in coconut manna and sale some products with free shipping.

Continue reading "Nutiva Coconut Oil Review | Recipes | Where To Buy Coconut Oil"

Oct 06, 2011

Coconut Nutrition Information Facts and Oil Uses

Coconut nutrition can best be used for weight loss, cooking healthy foods, and curing infections, diseases, and yeast. History of coconuts and facts about coconut oil fat, cholesterol, calories...

Continue reading "Coconut Nutrition Information Facts and Oil Uses"

Sep 25, 2011

Coconut Shrimp Recipe

The best coconut shrimp recipe is easy to make. It can be oven baked or grilled and still be healthy and as good as those in well known restaurants.

Continue reading "Coconut Shrimp Recipe"

Sep 21, 2011

Sally Fallon Morell Interview

Interview with Sally Fallon Morell author of Nourishing Traditions with Mary Eing, president of The Weston A. Price Foundation.

Continue reading "Sally Fallon Morell Interview"

Sep 17, 2011

What Is Colitis Disease | Causes | Symptoms | Treatment

What is colitis? Inflammation of the colon (large intestine). Types are microscopic colitis, chemical colitis, infectious colitis, ischemic colitis, pseudomembranous colitis, drug-induced colitis...

Continue reading "What Is Colitis Disease | Causes | Symptoms | Treatment"

Sep 11, 2011

Ulcerative Proctitis | Symptoms and Treatment

Ulcerative proctitis cures are anti-inflammatory medication like canasa, hydrocortisone enemas, and natural remedies. Rectal bleeding and pain are..

Continue reading "Ulcerative Proctitis | Symptoms and Treatment"

Aug 30, 2011

Crohn's and Colitis Marathon

Because crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are so debilitating and seldom mentioned beyond family circles, it's important the word gets out about finding a cure. hosts a 1/2 Marathon along with other events to raise money for research and patient support programs for people with crohn's and colitis.

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