The Gallbladder Cleanse
and The Liver Cleanse

The gallbladder cleanse, somewhat similar to a Candida cleanse, will detoxify and excrete impurities from the body. The best gallbladder diet is a detox diet. A gallbladder flush is necessary for gallstones to be removed.

The importance of gall bladder stones deserves to be discussed here. Severe illness and conditions such as constipation, diarrhea, back pain, pain on the lower right side of body...just to name a few, are often associated with deterioration of the gallbladder or liver.

Just like everything in life must be cleaned from time to time, so must our gallbladder via a gallbladder cleanse. The liver is a major organ of the body that detoxifies and excretes impurities from the body. It carries nutrients to their correct place and acts as a cleaning system that keeps the intestines and body as a whole working smoothly. The liver protects the heart by “cleaning out” the blood before it travels to the heart. Harmful parasites and bacteria are killed by the liver. It also produces bile which aids in the digestion of the food we eat. Candida albicans has its own list of ailments when it comes to parasites and bad bacteria in the gut flora. A gallbladder cleanse can help eliminate issues with yeast infections and Candida albicans as well.

Why Bile Is So Important

Bile is a green-colored liquid that is stored in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small balloon-like organ that protrudes from the bottom of the liver. Along with helping with digestion by mixing with food and allowing the intestines to absorb fat and calcium, bile removes toxins from the liver. Gallbladder cleansing will cause gallstones that are lodged in any of the liver's many bile ducts to dislodge.

Although bile is made in the liver, the gallbladder is responsible for keeping the bile and releasing it through contractions when ever fat is absorbed into the body. 1 ½ quarts of bile is supposed to be made each day, but often the liver can not even produce half that amount. In fact stool will be a tan color if bile flow is severely inefficient. This is a sign that should be taken seriously enough to warrant immediate attention to the matter. A gallbladder cleanse can be done to eliminate the vast majority of gallstones.

There are times when the liver may not function at its best because of gallstone blockage. Unfortunately, there are harmful chemicals in our surroundings whether we want them there or not. From the air we breath to the food we eat substances that should not be in our body make their way inside. The liver, being the clever organ that it is, has the ability to wipe out and filter all the things that can cause harm to our bodies. Even drugs, alcohol, and medications get filtered by the liver to get carried out of the body so it doesn't succumb to their dangerous side effects. But, if there is a gallstone in the way, it becomes impossible for the liver and gallbladder to do their job.

A gallstone is a small round shaped substance that can form inside the liver, bile duct, gallbladder, or basically anywhere bile is secreted. They can be various colors such as green, brown, or red, and range in the size of a tiny crumb to as big as 3 inches across. Gallstones, for the most part, are made up of calcium, cholesterol, bacteria, bile salts, and other trace elements. Some people have hundreds or even thousands of gallstones. These gallstones stop the liver from removing toxins from the blood and supplying nutrients to the body. Gallstones also prevent the liver from making the necessary 1 ½ pints of bile it needs to make the bodies waste elimination system efficient. Instead of surgery a liver gallbladder cleanse can be done at home to release the stones.

Risk Factors for Gallstones



Western diet

Rapid weight loss


Gallbladder Cleanse

A gallbladder cleanse will allow the liver and gallbladder to return to their normal state and continue excreting harmful waste products and toxic substances from the body.

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