Home Remedies for Yeast Infections and Candida Cleanse

The most effective home remedies for yeast infections include acidopholus, bifidus, oregano oil, and even seaweed extract can be helpful. Intestinal Candida is different than systemic Candida and we will discuss both.

When it comes to home remedies for yeast infections and a Candida cleanse, often there is no need to spend money on visits to the doctor. Remedies might be found right in your cupboard. Not only are home remedies easy to find but the remedies themselves sometimes work much better than what a doctor might prescribe.

For instance, when a woman complains of vaginal itching to her doctor, she might be prescribed a cream to use for several days. It usually gets rid of the yeast overgrowth for a short period of time but the infection returns stronger than before. Usually this is when a search starts for yeast infection home remedies to cure Candida.

Why do doctors prescribe yeast infection creams if they usually don't solve the problem?

How can this happen you might ask? How can someone with yeast infection symptoms go to the doctor, ask for help for home remedies for yeast infections, or candidiasis treatment, and get prescribed medication that makes symptoms worse?! Well, these questions are valid and necessary. For one, when it comes to yeast infections or candidiasis treatment, it seems some doctors simply follow the standard procedure they've been using for years. That is, yeast infection treatment equals vaginal creams or suppositories.

Not all doctors study nutrition intensely in their medical curriculum and home remedies for yeast infections, natural cures for yeast infections, and candidiasis treatment is not something that would be on their study list either. It also doesn't help that most doctors receive, poor nutritional training along with some doctors believing nutritional methods are just plain "too hard" for their patients so they don't bother mentioning it. In the book "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon, there is information about nutrition and recipes and how the Western diet causes diseases.

Doctors are stuck between a rock and a hard place in that the medical field is in the money making business; and pharmaceutical companies are very big donors in the medical industry. So, unfortunately for patients, prescription medicine rules and home remedies for yeast infections are not an option.

How to Cure Yeast Infections

If you've already gone to the doctor and had a culture done to see if you have a yeast infection, you can follow these steps on how to cure yeast infections and see what home remedies for yeast infections are available.

1.) Cleansing the body

2.) Repopulate the body with beneficial/good bacteria

3.) Use a selection of antifungals

4.) Maintain a healthy diet

5.) Try not to “cheat” on healthy eating for the first few months

Cleaning the body

epsom salt yeast infection
candida and baking soda
psyllium powder for candida cleanse

First and foremost it's essential to start off with a cleanse of some sort. Home remedies for yeast infections and candidiasis treatment can be found right in most peoples cabinets. I've found Epsom salts to be a very effective cleaning method for yeast infection cures. Doing a cleanse will flush out all the “bad” bacteria and prepare your body for the introduction of “good” bacteria. You can find Epsom Salts at health food stores, drug stores, and stores like Whole Foods Market if you have one in your area.

If you've never used Epson salts before the directions are directly on the carton. As a rule of thumb, any cleansing methods should be done first thing in the morning before you eat anything. You simply take 2-4 teaspoons dissolved in a full glass (8oz) of water. The salts need to be dissolved well before use. Use this internal dosage for three days every morning before you eat anything. If you are pregnant/nursing, have kidney disease, have stomach pain or nausea/vomiting, already under medical supervision, or are on a magnesium restricted diet, consult with a health professional before use.

The taste is not pleasant but Epsom salts have been used for generations and has a powerful laxative effect that removes harmful internal toxins and waste from the body. It's one of the very powerful home remedies for yeast infections. If you suffer from constipation Epson salts should help provide immediate relief. It has been known to completely clean the colon. Only use Epson salts as directed and do not overuse. The cleanse is meant for occasional use only not long term.

During your Epson salt cleanse, it's important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Epson salts work fast, usually creating a bowl movement with in ½ to 6 hours after ingesting. If you work during the week, a suggestion would be to start your cleanse on a Saturday morning to allow yourself the convenience of going to the bathroom.

As an alternative cleanse to Epsom salt, you can use psyllium powder instead. It works by relieving chronic constipation and at the same time treats diarrhea. Psyllium expands and adds bulk to fecal matter which achieves easier bowel movements and allows harmful toxins to leave the colon. First thing in the morning after you take a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of psyllium mixed in a large glass of water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda, drink another glass of water to move the psyllium through your body more efficiently. Baking soda is added to treat heartburn and acid indigestion. You'll need to drink the mixture right after you put it in the glass of water because psyllium hardens fast. Also, if you don't drink lots of water you will create extreme constipation. Take psyllium 2 hours before or after eating or taking medications because it interferes with nutrient absorption.

Some quick facts about Epsom Salts

  • Epsom salts is another name for Magnesium Sulfate (Saline Laxative).
  • It can be used internally and temporarily for constipation relief.
  • It can be used externally as a soaking solution for pain relief and pain from minor sprains and bruises.
  • Epsom salt derived from the town of Epsom in Surrey, England, where the salt was distilled from the springs that arise where the porous chalk of the North Downs meets non-porous London clay.
  • Used as a treatment option for asthma and preeclampsia during pregnancy.
  • Garlic is a powerful antifungal that can be used to prevent infections and is effective against certain bacteria and fungi. Take fresh raw garlic in the morning during your Epsom salt cleanse. You can crush the garlic to release allicin which allows garlic to fight bacteria and fungi. Garlic is one of the more common home remedies for yeast infections.

    Pay attention to the way your body is feeling during the start of your cleanse and when using home remedies for yeast infections or candidiasis treatment. If you or your muscles start feeling tired and weak it's a sign of a reaction called 'Herxheimer reaction'. It's also commonly called 'die off' where you feel flu-like symptoms. The reaction is in response to the detoxification process you are going through. Your body is killing the yeast cells off at such a rapid pace that your body is basically saying ”You are cleaning me out really fast and I need time to excrete these bad toxins”.

    Herxheimer symptoms might include temporary constipation or diarrhea, mood swings, fatigue and muscle aches. If you feel the need to relieve some of these symptoms you can try:

    • Eating flaxseeds in the morning to help clean the bowel area
    • Get a proper amount of sleep each night
    • Make sure to eat quality raw vegetables (it helps if you have a blender to mix up greens in)
    • Go outside to get sunshine (Vitamin D) along with moving around stretching and exercising to aid in the digestive flow of food
    • Drinking water with fresh lemon

    Don't fear because this is a normal process. After a few days, your body will adjust to its new and improved digestive health. There may be certain circumstances where this reaction might need to be slowed down and monitored as in AIDS patients, people with diabetes, or terminally ill patients.

    Repopulate the body with beneficial/good bacteria

    probiotic for yeast infection
    yogurt to help yeast infection
    raw sauerkraut for candida albicans
    kim chi picture
    sea vegetables for anti candida diet
    bee pollen to treat candida

    In the morning after you've taken your cleansing solution, and before you eat anything, your body will be ready to repopulate itself with beneficial bacteria called probiotics. Your body needs this beneficial bacteria in order to keep the harmful bacteria in check. Home remedies for yeast infections include introducing good bacteria back into the body.

    There are various types of probiotics you'll need to choose from when using home remedies for yeast infections. Probiotics come in powders, tablets, liquids, and capsules. Probiotics are found in the refrigerated section of health food stores usually in bottles in order to keep their cultures alive. In order for probiotics to be effective at over powering the harmful bacteria, adequate levels of probiotic microbes need to be taken orally. You'll find that some of the probiotic bottles contain bacteria in the millions but you'll need to take at least 30 billion Lactobacillus acidophilus, and bifidobacteria after your morning cleanse to fight Candida. Look for a label that guarantees live active bacteria throughout its shelf life verses at manufacture date. You want to ensure you're purchasing a quality probiotic since they are manufactured differently.

    Another probiotic option is yogurt. If you choose yogurt to eat it will need to be homemade yogurt because store bought yogurt does not contain the required amount of live active bacteria. Also, many store bought yogurts contain added sugars and preservatives and may be heated to temperatures that kill the beneficial bacteria you need to fight Candida/yeast infections.

    Yogurt is a fermented milk product in which lactose (milk sugar) and milk protein (casein) has been broken down and enzyme activity increases enough to where it benefits your body and aids the digestive process. It also introduces good bacteria into your body. You can find out how to make yogurt here.

    Sauerkraut and kim chi are probiotic vegetables. It belongs in the category of home remedies for yeast infections as well. You can make your own sauerkraut at home or buy genuine sauerkraut such as “Bubbles” from Whole Foods Market or natural food stores. Look in the refrigerated section.

    Microalgae like spirulina, chlorella, and blue-green algae are super-food plants that are high in minerals and protein. It can be bought at Whole Foods Market or in a specialty health store. Microalgae is full of chlorophyll which increases our bile secretion and helps protect and rebuild liver cells. It also excretes dangerous chemicals such as dioxin and PCBs.

    Use a Selection of Antifungals

    pau d' arco tea for candida picture
    coconut oil for candida picture
    oil of oregano for yeast infection picture
    wormwood antifungal candida picture
    grapefruit seed extract for candida albicans picture
    olive leaf for yeast infection picture

    Antifungals should be added to your list of Candida fighting antidotes on how to cure yeast infections as well. Throughout your treatment, try using a variety of yeast infection treatments such as wormwood, pau d'arco, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, clove, tea tree oil, garlic, and black walnut hulls. Antifungals work by directly killing the candida yeast. It's wise to try different antifungals because not everyone responds the same. Also, if you use only one antifungal, Candida can become immune to it so it's best to rotate your selected antifungal weekly. Everyone is different so this may require some experimentation. As you can see from the above list, home remedies for yeast infections don't have to be difficult to use.

    Maintain a Healthy Diet

    Diet is essential in any anticandida diet and all home remedies for yeast infections should include diet as one of the most important topics. Certain guidelines should be followed before, during, and after your Candida treatment and when using home remedies for yeast infections. Before starting the diet, you can cut down on foods with added sugars and eat more fiber foods such as leafy green vegetables. This should make your cleaning period more tolerable. Even people with Candida who choose to take the fiber digesting enzyme called candex should maintain a diet that has the least amount of sugar as possible.

    During your Candida cleanse, foods with preservatives and sugars should be avoided all together. Stevia sweetener is allowed since it doesn't feed Candida. Breads of all kinds should be eliminated that includes whole wheat. Wheat products need to be avoided because they are the cause of allergies for many people and wheat causes many digestive problems. Non-glutenous grains like buckwheat and amaranth are allowed. Your fruit and carbohydrate intake should be light during the initial stages of the Candida diet. Some people can eat fruit without any symptoms returning while others can not. Your diet should mainly be nuts & seeds, fish, organic meats, raw green vegetables, and soaked legumes for better digestion.

    You should also drink plenty of water through out the day. Eight glasses a day is the rule of thumb but take your body's weight and height into consideration. Once you've been on the Candida diet for a few months you can start introducing more restricted foods back into your every day diet. But don't over due it. Sweets should still only be consumed on special occasions a few times a month. I don't believe in depriving oneself because you may crave it even more.

    Try not to “cheat” on healthy eating for the first few months

    It is very important to get off to a good start with your candida diet. The home remedies for yeast infections listed above are there to help you along the way. Cheating only delays your progress when you could be on your way towards good health. It isn't easy to stay away from the very foods your body craves but that's what Candida does to the body, make it crave sugary foods it shouldn't have. “If you fall of the wagon” just get back on. You already know the home remedies for yeast infections how to cure yeast infections. Speaking from experience, it feels so good once you've reached your goal and become Candida clear!

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