How to Make Yogurt at Home

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You can learn how to make yogurt with just a few easy steps. By using a process called fermentation, we can enhance the nutrient quality of our dairy products.

During fermentation, lactic-acid bacteria breaks down milk sugars and milk protein making it more easily digestible. The sugar and protein in milk cause digestive problems for lactose intolerant individuals and people with Candida albicans. Culturing our dairy products 'wakes up' the helpful enzymes that enable us to digest these difficult sugars/proteins and helps our body absorb minerals.

To make yogurt or yoghurt first start off by making sure you have all the correct tools. When I first made it years ago, I used a pot that was too small and the milk kept pouring out over the side. But, to my surprise, my homemade yogurt still came out great. Homemade yogurt does not contain thickening agents like pectin, so it will not look exactly like store bought yogurt.

List of Tools and Ingredients You Need to Make Yogurt

  1. Double boiler
  2. 1 quart glass jar with lid
  3. Thermometer with a clip (candy thermometer)
  4. ½ cup store bought plain whole milk unsweetened yogurt
  5. 1 quart whole milk

If you don't have a double boiler you can just use a small pot and put that inside a much bigger pot.

Instructions on How to Make Yogurt

First Add water to the bigger pot that the pot with the milk will sit inside.

Second Add the milk to the pot that will sit on top of the water

Third Place the thermometer inside the milk and slowly heat the milk until the temperature reaches 180 degrees. Do not let the temperature rise over 180 because you don't want to burn the milk.

Fourth Once the temperature of the milk drops to about 105, add the yogurt and stir.

Fifth Place this mixture inside your glass jar and into a warm place like the oven with a pilot light kept on but don't turn the stove on. Leave the jar there overnight.

Sixth Put the jar inside the refrigerator for a few hours. Your homemade yogurt should last about 14 days.

Now that you know how to make yogurt the easy way, I hope you will try it more often. Remember to save some of the yogurt because you can use it as a starter every time you want to make more yogurt.

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