Baby Yeast Infection
Baby Rash and Thrush Mouth

A baby yeast infection can be worrisome for parents. Luckily there is treatment for baby thrush. Breastfeeding issues, yeast diaper rash, and oral thrush are all related to child Candida.

baby yeast infection in mouth

Definition: Oral candidiasis is also known as white tongue, oral yeast infection, thrush infection or yeast overgrowth, is an infection of yeast membranes of the mouth that results in white patches on the tongue. It is commonly caused by Candida albicans.

Thrush Symptoms

Oral thrush has a distinctive white coating on tongue or on the roof of the mouth or inside the cheeks. The coating can be thin or heavy depending on how severe the baby yeast infection is. If the white coating is scraped, bleeding may occur. Newborn babies with a coated white tongue may have common breastfeeding problems because the white patch on tongue does cause pain.

The mother will usually experience sore nipples as well because a thrush mouth yeast infection can be passed from baby to mom. Thrush in newborns that is less severe may not seem to show any discomforting signs, therefore it would be difficult to even know if baby is experiencing any mouth problems. If this is the case, a doctor should be able to do a visiual examination to give conclusive answers about whether a baby yeast infection is present. Here the picture of thrush shows an extreme example.

Thrush Breastfeeding

Oral thrush in infants or thrush in babies can be excruciatingly painful for the mother while breast feeding. The pain felt is much more than tender nipples. It will make the nipples hurt for weeks. When this happens, mother and baby are likely infected. See the link below for thrush treatment and more about what is thrush.

Thrush Baby Rashes

Besides oral thrush, a baby can develop a yeast diaper rash also called "nappy rash" which is another word for diaper in the United Kingdom. Diaper rashes occur because the diaper area is too moist or babies diapers are not being changed often enough.

Some baby yeast infection rashes are so intense the pictures are difficult to look at. Candida rashes are red in color and often look raised and inflamed. These rashes are uncomfortable for baby so it's important to cure it as soon as possible. Some rashes will go away soon after the diaper area is clean on a continual basis. What you think is thrush fungus might actually be a bacterial infection. This condition can become serious so a doctor should be seen.

Diagnosing Thrush in Babies

A doctor can help you determine if your baby does indeed have infant thrush or a toddler yeast infection by examining your babies mouth to see if white patches are there. If the white layer is thin, it may be difficult to distinguish if the white layer is milk or a thrush infection. At that point, the doctor may take a wooden devise or other instrument and scrape at the white layer on your babies tongue. If the layer does not come off, your doctor will probably conclude thrush as a diagnosis. At that point, you can decide on the best thrush treatment for your baby.

What Causes a
Breast Feeding Yeast Infection

A variety of factors can contribute to the formation of thrush mouth. Some of the more obvious reasons include:

  • The use of antibiotics by you or your baby
  • Not using sterilized bottles, feeding utensils, or breast pump accessories
  • Contact with yeast as baby travels down the birth canal (pregnancy yeast infection)
  • Newborns of diabetic mothers
  • Babies with an immune deficiency

    There are certain home remedies for thrush mouth that work quite well for babies. Your doctor may prescribe medicine for your baby but you may want to try natural remedies first. For a thrush cure, mom might also want to use home remedies for yeast infections.

    Don't be distraught at the initial onset of thrush because many a parent has been through it and there is light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to find the treatment that's right for you and your baby.

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