Candida Die Off Symptoms

What is Candida die off? Candida die off symptoms are simply explained as the response your body has after eliminating sugars and processed foods from your everyday diet. The symptoms are also called Herxheimer reaction. Your body has been so used to high amounts of sugar that when you take these sugars away you feel sickly.

Die Off Symptoms List

  • Fatigue
  • Overall weak feeling
  • Tired muscles
  • Flu-like feeling
  • Exhaustion
  • Hunger cravings

Candida Die Off Stool

Normally when starting on the Candida albicans yeast infection diet you will have begun with a cleanse. During the initial first few days, your stool may be very watery like diarrhea. You may notice a greenish color in your stool as well. Depending on what kind of cleanse you used you may have frequent bathroom visits the first couple of days.

How Long Do Candida Die Off Symptoms Last?

This depends on the person and how severe the Candida infection is. Die off symptoms could last for a few days up to 1 week or 2 weeks. This is just your body's way of cleaning itself and getting rid of all the unwanted organisms by killing off yeast cells and building up your immune system.

Managing Candida Die Off Symptoms

There are certain things you can do to manage these negative feelings. You could use a slower method of cleaning out your system. Psyllium powder for instance may be a little gentler for some people. Also, if you live in a place that gets plenty of sunshine be sure to go outside and get your daily 15-25 minutes of Vitamin D through the sun. If you can not get natural sunshine, there are other options like whole food Vitamin D3 supplements or Vitamin D lamps.

Other things to try include drinking water with lemon. It's also important that your feeding your body enough food so that you are not hungry. Make sure to always carry the right kinds of snacks along with you where ever you are. Some things you can take with you include almonds, berries, pumpkin seeds, seaweed snacks, slices of organic chicken you made at home, salads, sardines, and yogurt. Eating flaxseeds in the morning may also help clean the bowel area.

Certain people with severe compromised immune systems may want to be under the care of a naturopathic physician to be sure not to detoxify at too rapid a pace.

Candida Die Off Symptoms Acne

As your body cleans itself, you may find that you feel worse than when you started. This is normal and temporary. As time goes by you should  feel better and even notice your skin is more soft and visually appealing. As the toxins are released, it makes way for your body to absorb all the vitamins and minerals that previously were being blocked by allergies, sensitivities, malabsorption, what ever the case may be. Once the Herxheimer reaction is gone, it does not come back.

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