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The best sugar free diet is the anti candida diet. Sometimes called the yeast infection diet, it is a low carb diet for Candida cleansing with yeast free recipes and avoids all foods that cause yeast.

One of the fastest ways to combat Candida is to be certain your Candida diet plan includes the very components that kill Candida cells and allow you to still enjoy the foods that taste good. Because this is a strict diet plan, anti candida diets can sometimes seem too difficult to stay on so choosing flavorful foods are important. This diet consists of foods that are void of sugar, yeast, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, and simple sugars. You can think of it as a detox diet for Candida albicans. The foods that are included in the diet for Candida are complex carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vegetables, grains, and nuts. See the table below for suggestions on foods to eat.

Coconut shrimp recipes are a favorite of many people and are fairly easy to make. Home remedies for yeast infections can be used in conjunction with eating a healthier diet. Follow Candida diet guidelines when cooking by only using oils that can stand high temperatures or simply steam vegetables. All legumes and beans must be soaked for at least 6 hours but preferably overnight. Sally Fallon gives detailed information about how to use food in a nutritious way in so many different recipes.

Most people will need to stay on the anti Candida diet for 3 months or more before adding any "bad" foods back into their diet. Even then, sugar foods or foods that seem to cause an allergic reaction should only be eaten occasionally because continuing to eat foods that cause yeast and sugar foods will only stall a Candida detox. It's a good idea to always keep Candida diet snacks near by when you get hungry.

Along with going on a diet for Candida there are prebiotics and probiotics such as bifidus and acidophilus that need to be taken to populate the intestinal tract with good bacteria and wipe out any unwanted organisms from the body. Normally a sugar free diet can cure Candida and help eliminate acid reflux or digestive problems as well. The anti Candida diet is an overall healthy way of eating so regardless if there is a yeast infection or not, the average person can begin the yeast diet and prepare yeast free recipes.

Recommended Foods for the Yeast Free Diet

VegetableFruitSeeds, Oils, NutsMeatsLegumes & BeansMilk & EggsFishDrinksGrainsSweeteners
AsparagusGreen ApplesAlmondsChickenBlack BeansEggsCodWaterAmaranth Stevia Sweetener
AvocadoBlackberriesFlaxseedsLiverChickpeasHomemade yogurtHalibutTomato JuiceBrown Rice
Bell PepperBlueberriesExtra Virgin Olive OilTurkeyLentilsRaw Milk (after first 3 weeks)SalmonPau d'Arco TeaBuckwheat
BroccoliGrapefruitPumpkin SeedsLambKidney BeansGhee or ButterSardinesPeppermint TeaSpelt
Brussels SproutsLemon or LimeOrganic Virgin Coconut OilOrganic Beef(hormone/antibiotic free)Navy BeansScallops
CabbageRaspberriesWalnutsLima BeansShrimp
CarrotsStrawberriesNavy BeansMahi Mahi
CauliflowerPinto BeansTuna
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Mustard Greens
Red Potatoes
Romaine Lettuce
Sea Vegetables
Swiss Chard
Turnip Greens
Yams (after first 3 weeks)

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