Sally Fallon Interview:
Fixing the Western Diet

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I recently interviewed Sally Fallon Morell, the author of Nourishing Traditions, with Mary G. Enig, Ph.D., about different healthy food choices she recommended. She is also the president of The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF).

Her book is full of recommendations from doctors in the medical field. Mainly the book presents nutrition ideas that go back to the primative/traditional diets we once ate many years ago. These foods were good for us and truly healthy for the human body.

She details how the Western diet has gotten so far off balance of what healthy food should be. So much to the point that it has become the cause of degenerative diseases. Her book is also full of healthy baby food recipes and recipes that allow for better digestion and easy preparation.

Information on fats, cholesterol, and raw milk was of importance. I wanted to get her take on the best fats for cooking that would not turn rancid at high temperatures and the benefits of raw milk verses pasteurized.

Certain critics dispute some of WAPF views albeit the organization has helped many people obtain optimum health via their own testimonies. People with yeast infection or Candida albicans problems, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, or crohns disease are often on restricted diets and need to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and what they are cooking with. See the interview questions and answers below.

CandidaCounsel In your view, what is the importance of complex carbohydrates?

Sally Fallon It's hard to say because there are diets with no complex carbohydrates and diets that contain lots of complex carbohydrates. Apparently, the body adjusts its gut flora to the presence or lack of them. What all traditional diets contained is fermented foods on a daily basis, which provide good bacteria that play many roles, including protection against Candida.

CandidaCounsel You've written a lot about the importance of Raw Milk, if a person is generally healthy, do you feel raw milk should become an every day part of life?

Sally Fallon Raw Milk is very important in the western diet for growing children. It's complete nutrition in a glass. Babies and children who drink raw milk tend to grow taller and stronger. In addition, raw milk supports healthy gut flora. By the way, I never recommend skim milk. It depletes vitamin A and does not contain the all-important fats that provide fat-soluble vitamins and protect the immune system. For adults raw milk can also be important. It's a wonderful food for elderly, because it's easy to digest, helps keep bones strong and supports the immune system.

CandidaCounsel Regarding cooking oils, what would be the best oils to use at high temperatures?

Sally Fallon Saturated animal fats are best for high temperature cooking, such as lard, ghee, beef fat, or lamb fat. Olive oil is the only stable oil, so you can cook in that. Duck fat is also a good cooking fat.

CandidaCounsel Do you have any information on nutritional yeast and whether it contributes to Candida albicans?

Sally Fallon I am not qualified to answer that question. I do know that yeast quality varies from brand to brand, and many brands contain MSG and other impurities. Frontier brand seems to be the gentlest and least likely to cause reactions.

CandidaCounsel If a person goes to see a nutritionist, what are some of the most important health questions they should ask?

Sally Fallon The nutritionist would need to get a good sense of what the person is eating before suggesting supplements. Nutritionists need to teach people to eat real food as the basis of good health.

CandidaCounsel Do you feel fat-soluble vitamins are important to incorporate in every diet (for instance butter)?

S.F. Vitamins A, D, and K are so important to our health and Dr. Price put emphasis on this. Organ meats, butter fats, egg yolks, fish eggs, shell fish, and oily fish, need to be included everyday. Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil is a recommended brand.

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