Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Virgin coconut oil for weight loss is a great substitute fat to eat, burn calories, and increase metabolism. Products like coconut kefir, coconut milk, and coconut flour, are foods that help manage carbohydrate intake. Medium-chain fatty acids are healthy fats for any diet. The oil is a high saturated fat, but unrefined coconut oil doesn't stay stored in the body compared to other fats that make you gain weight.

Eating less fat doesn't mean you're going to lose more weight. In fact, it's the other way around. Research has shown replacing vegetable oils with coconut oil can help with thyroid issues, home remedies for yeast infections AIDS, diabetes and many other conditions.

Where coconuts grow in their native countries, the people there use them for almost everything from cooking to clothing. Coconut oil for weight loss is automatically incorporated into their diet because they use it daily. Historically, before the introduction of refined, processed, and hydrogenated fats, the people whose lively hoods revolved around coconuts were able to maintain slim figures and a favorable body weight. They cherish their medicinal properties and the profitable contribution it brings, which is why it's known as the 'tree of life'.

Quick Facts About Coconuts

  • Mainly grown in small areas around houses
  • Over 80 different varieties of the coconut palm
  • Water is the juice in the coconut
  • Coconut oil increases metabolism
  • The water is easy to digest and makes a good baby food
  • The milk is extracted from the coconut meat
  • Found throughout the tropics
  • The oil has fewer calories than other fats

  • Coconut Oil Weight Loss

    Coconut nutrition can even be incorporated into a diet plan. What makes it so special is the powerful antimicrobial and antiviral health benefits it offers, which helps fight off diseases and infections. You can take 2-4 tablespoons of oil daily to reap the health benefits of coconut oil for weight loss. Even more surprising is the fact that coconut oil is one of the only healthy saturated fats available among many unhealthy alternatives. Tropical oils such as palm oil and coconut oil are some of the safest oils for cooking.

    The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) burn fast in the body and convert to energy compared to most of the other oils that are stored as fat and are also harmful to the body once heated (sunflower oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil). Tropical Islanders have used virgin coconut oil for centuries all while maintaining their weight and staying free from such conditions like heart disease and obesity.


    For those who live where coconuts are easily harvested, people are accustomed to consuming the nut on a daily basis. One convenience the nut provides is the ability to be eaten with out cooking. Once open, you can immediately reap the benefits of coconut water and meat that's held inside its hard shell. If you're using coconut oil for weight loss, it can be stored for long periods of time with out losing it's taste or going bad.

    Speed Up Metabolism

    Studies have shown that if you consume a diet high in medium-chain fatty acids it can help speed up your metabolism. With medium-chain fatty acids, fat burns faster and does not get stored inside the body like other fats. In turn, a high metabolism promotes weight loss. They also help nourish our body and keeps our cells healthy. No living person can go without fats in their diet. Fats are a necessary element of life. We need fats to provide energy, absorb vitamins and transport nutrients throughout our bodies, support liver function, and balance our hormones.

    Cooking With Coconut Oil

    Ever consider using coconut oil for cooking? Well, it's actually a great idea. The oil is one of the few oils used for cooking that can tolerate higher temperatures without going rancid. Once heated above a certain temperature, most oils become unstable and should not be eaten. Depending on how much you cook, most manufactures will sell the oil in smaller quantities, but it can also be found by the gallon or larger quantities from such supplies like MountainRoseHerbs or Nutiva.

    Fight Infections

    The oil is taken from the flesh of the kernel. Besides being used in cooking, the oil is good as a moisturizer for the skin. The oil is also used to make candles, soap, cosmetics, lard, and more. Many people use the oil to fight off yeast infections such as a baby yeast infection, vaginal yeast infection, male yeast infection, and digestive disorders, or infections in the mouth. In a practice called 'oil pulling', the oil is used as a gargle to 'pull' the toxins from the mouth. After gargling the oil is spit into the sink.

    Coconut oil is regarded as having powerful medicinal properties to keep people healthy and nutritious so there are other benefits when you're using coconut oil for weight loss. Be sure to pay attention to the label and buy unrefined coconut oil. You would not want to purchase copra, which is dried coconut meat that has been heated and processed which destroys the health benefits of coconut.

    Need to find certified unrefined organic virgin coconut oil now?
    see Mountain Rose Herbs Coconut Oil (Virgin Unrefined)

    Mountain Rose Herbs consistently delivers quality organic coconut oil products. They specialize in certified organic herbs, spices and botanicals.

    Organic farmers must adhere to strict principles and protocols that ensure the best possible products. With the method of extraction that uses temperatures less than 100 degrees, it allows the coconut to maintain its nutritional properties.

    These valuable nutritional properties can be used as a defense against Candida albicans infections. Take a look at their product page to add it to your yeast fighting and coconut oil for weight loss regimen.

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