Coconut Oil for Cooking

The best coconut oil for cooking and baking food is virgin organically grown coconut oil. You can cook anything with it and it's a healthy alternative to vegetable oil.

You can try some of the easy coconut recipes on this website including shrimp and make your own coconut water. You'll see where to buy the oil you need for your meals.

Coconut Oil Healthy Cooking

When oils such as vegetable, sunflower, canola, corn, sesame, and safflower are heated up to high temperatures the fat content within the oil changes causing dangerous fatty acids. These oils are not stable enough to withstand the high cooking temperature and should not be used. Further more, they have been related to heart disease and cancer. Even olive oil is susceptible to heat damage.

On the other hand, coconut oil for cooking is special in that it maintains a high smoke point and can be heated to 446 degrees F (230 degrees C) without damaging the oil and altering its fat content. Once an oil is damaged, it turns into trans-fat which is linked to chronic diseases. This oil is the very saturated and therefore the most heat stable.

organic virgin coconut oil for cooking

Best Coconut Oil For Cooking

Coconut palms are related to grasses, and as they grow near the ocean or inland, they absorb a large amount of nutrients. This is why cooking with coconut oil has so many advantages.

There are many different brands to choose from when shopping for the right oil. You'll want to look for oil that is unrefined, virgin, organically grown, and cold-pressed. You may also want to pay attention to ensure it has not been deodorized or chemically treated.

Where To Buy Coconut Oil For Cooking

Most health stores carry coconut oil. If you can't find a brand at your local store, try ordering online from or This coconut oil is even good for treating a yeast infection and Candida albicans. Coconut sometimes gets confused with cocoa and cacao which is chocolate. Coconut has also been spelled cocoanut in some older literature.

Coconut Oil Recipes

Many recipes call for coconut oil without cooking or frying. For instance, smoothies and desserts can be made simply by adding fruit, yogurt, and coconut oil to a blender.

Hot recipes include coconut shrimp recipe coconut chicken recipes, coconut bread recipes, and so many more food choices to try that work great with coconut oil. Although it may be expensive, because of the health benefits of coconut oil, using it is worth a try.

Need to find certified unrefined organic virgin coconut oil now?
see Mountain Rose Herbs Coconut Oil (Virgin Unrefined)

Mountain Rose Herbs is a trusted company that consistently delivers quality organic products. They specialize in certified organic herbs, spices and botanicals.

Organic farmers must adhere to strict principles and protocols that ensure the best possible products. Using fresh, whole coconuts that are sound and ripe along with the method of extraction using temperatures less than 100 degrees allows the coconut to maintain its nutritional properties.

These valuable nutritional properties can be used as a defense against Candida albicans infections. Take a look at their product page to add coconut oil for cooking to your yeast fighting regimen.

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