Candida Spit Test

You can use the Candida spit test to determine your progress on the Candida Diet. The Candida saliva test will measure how severe the Candida infection is. The more cloudy and stringy your spit becomes inside the glass of water, the more likely there is a Candida infection.

As time goes by and your eating the right foods and you're careful to stay away from sugar, the stringyness should become less apparent. It will not happen over night and for some people it may take weeks before your saliva becomes clear enough to rule out Candida. You'll need to keep checking your saliva periodically.

Directions for the Candida Spit Test

  • First thing in the morning before doing anything else, get a glass of cool water.
  • Rinse your mouth out, then spit into the glass of water.
  • Watch what happens to your saliva over the next 30-45 minutes.

There are three (3) specific things to look for when doing the Candida saliva test. A Candida infection is possible if one or a combination of these things occur:

  1. cloudy spit that has “strings” floating to the bottom of the glass
  2. strings of spit quickly sink to the bottom of the glass
  3. cloudy specks that stay suspended in the water

Candida Saliva Test Picture

candida saliva test pictures

Some Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners and other Naturopathic health professionals point out the more saliva strings and the faster they float to the bottom of the glass, the heavier the infection. This also might be an indication of systemic Candida infection.

There's another yeast infection test that can be used to determine a fungus overgrowth. In fact, there's more than a few reliable methods. The test explained on this page is one of the most convenient and can be done rather quickly at home. Please visit the Candida test page for more information.

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